SmART Furniture & Manufacture Laboratory

Qoalca produces laboratory furniture such as Fumehood, laminar air flow, storage cabinets, lab testing tables and antivibration tables.

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Furniture Laboratory

fumehood, scrubber, island/wall bench, antivibration table, storage cabinet (safety, chemical, corrosive, explosive), laminar air flow, etc

Biosafety Level 2/2+/3

customized lab BSL (room, container, mobile), clean room, isolation room, microbiological safety, transporter covid, ipal infectious portable, pass box, automatic sensor controller, etc

Covid-19 Tool

uvc sterilizer, ion plasma, ozonizer box, pcr workstation, hepa filter, oxy-hydrogen therapy, deep freezer, cooler bag, indoor air quality, oxygen generator 10-40m3/hours

About Us

Qoalca is a brand of PT Qoalca Innovation Systematics Indonesia. The Qoalca brand has become a patented brand and is Haki certified. Established in early 2018, Qoalca produces laboratory furniture such as fume hoods, laminar air flow, storage cabinets, lab testing tables and weighing tables as well as local preparation equipment needs and simple machines. Currently, there are more than 200 units of equipment, 20 types of products and more than 40 markets spread across Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali-NTB. Qoalca’s main clients come from various campuses, government agencies and private industries.

Qoalca is committed to implementing its highest standards of quality and professionalism with our superteam. Continue to improve its performance and improve the quality of the products produced, innovation, fast and precise service. Our idea, SMART Furniture & Manufacture Laboratory, is to try to present innovative, creative and solutive products.

Qoalca also takes care of its business by managing the business through commendable and blessed practices, Insyaallah establishing positive, active and profitable partnerships, social responsibility for environmentally friendly products and paying attention to K3, 5R and Safe aspects

SmART Furniture & Manufacture Laboratory

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